November 2016
Nov 1: Poem
Look up from reading just in time to see her hide back behind her book
Nov 2: Photo
Nov 3: Drawing
Nov 4: Reiterate
Nov 5: Photo
Nov 6: Illustrator
Nov 7: Logo
Nov 8: Poem
Notebooks never judge things that are written in them as far as we know
Nov 9: Photo
Nov 10: Drawing
Nov 11: Reiterate
Nov 12: Photo
Nov 13: Illustrator
Nov 14: Logo
Nov 15: Poem
Every Day I make something of minimal use Does anyone care
Nov 16: Photo
Nov 17: Drawing
Nov 18: Reiterate
Nov 19: Photo
Nov 20: Illustrator
Nov 21: Logo
Nov 22: Poem
Mindless typings here effort to communicate across this dark space
Nov 23: Photo
Nov 24: Drawing
Nov 25: Reiterate
Nov 26: Photo
Nov 27: Illustrator
Nov 28: Logo
Nov 29: Poem
The Cold is outside Pulling at my panes of glass Breathing Frosty Breath
Nov 30: Photo