May 2016
May 1: Illustrator
May 2: Logo
May 3: Poem
This running water Is relaxing me right now In a cliche way
May 4: Photo
May 5: Drawing
May 6: Reiterate
May 7: Photo
May 8: Illustrator
May 9: Logo
May 10: Poem
Big Ugly Red Car On the highway before me Why are you so slow
May 11: Photo
May 12: Drawing
May 13: Reiterate
May 14: Photo
May 15: Illustrator
May 16: Logo
May 17: Poem
Clouds weep in the sky Before parting to leave us With their happiness
May 18: Photo
May 19: Drawing
May 20: Reiterate
May 21: Photo
May 22: Illustrator
May 23: Logo
May 24: Poem
You are like a cat Completely lazy until The Moment to strike
May 25: Photo
May 26: Drawing
May 27: Reiterate
May 28: Photo
May 29: Illustrator
May 30: Logo
May 31: Poem
My dream was so old it was you and me long past Before we parted