March 2015
Mar 1: Poem
Meet, talk, later, talk, soon, talk, immediately, talk, talk, talk, flirt, talk, flirt, flirt, together, movie, kiss, hands, talk, later, love, silent, miscommunication, tears, regret, wait, remeet, talk, communicate, tears, kiss, joy, love, wait, marriage, happiness, accident, children, pressure, frustration, growth, family, happiness, away, together, living, love, life, end
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Mar 4: Reiterate
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Mar 6: Illustrator
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Mar 8: Poem
Sound asleep in bed Hiding from all that I dread Respite til morning
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Mar 10: Drawing
Mar 11: Reiterate
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Mar 13: Illustrator
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Mar 15: Poem
I am sitting here writing an awesome poem work of a genius
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Mar 18: Reiterate
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Mar 20: Illustrator
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Mar 22: Poem
home begins to change or maybe you start to change you alone won’t know
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Mar 25: Reiterate
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Mar 29: Poem
the mountain in front is invisible to those with disparate views
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