January 2016
Jan 1: Reiterate
Jan 2: Photo
Jan 3: Illustrator
Jan 4: Logo
Jan 5: Poem
Wouldn’t it be nice to be a fish? swimming, sinking, rising with the current just looking for your next meal one daily responsibility from life start to life end
Jan 6: Photo
Jan 7: Drawing
Jan 8: Reiterate
Jan 9: Photo
Jan 10: Illustrator
Jan 11: Logo
Jan 12: Poem
A home is a place, that is built of all the things collected each day
Jan 13: Photo
Jan 14: Drawing
Jan 15: Reiterate
Jan 16: Photo
Jan 17: Illustrator
Jan 18: Logo
Jan 19: Poem
Why don’t you draw me, wait no please don’t, I’m afraid of what I could see
Jan 20: Photo
Jan 21: Drawing
Jan 22: Reiterate
Jan 23: Photo
Jan 24: Illustrator
Jan 25: Logo
Jan 26: Poem
We often talked about our shoes His were clean and new Each and every time While mine were always the same Each and every time I would always mention it He never would
Jan 27: Photo
Jan 28: Drawing
Jan 29: Reiterate
Jan 30: Photo
Jan 31: Illustrator