Febuary 2016
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Feb 2: Poem
As I walked by his mothers picture sitting on the dresser by the bedroom door I would always put it face down, as he walked by his mothers picture turned facedown by the bedroom door he would always turn it back to sitting up it was an unspoken ritual starting when I met his mother that didn’t end when she passed away
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She came to my life tripping over the front door leaving mud all about
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Feb 16: Poem
Watching, waiting, while they slip away one by one, ever since that day my heart did not break in that instant but piece by piece they become distant I can only hope friendship will hold over this time apart the fire grows cold until that time when we reunite and see that we’ve lost the fight you are gone and I am left wondering about the theft of my friendships that went away slowly being traded in since that day
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Feb 23: Poem
The Water is falling plip plop it’s washing all my troubles away drip drop pushing and pulling plip plop I’m all that’s left drip drop I don’t see them anymore plip plop
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