August 2016
Aug 1: Logo
Aug 2: Poem
Survey around you Heat Rising up off the sand A vulture eclipse
Aug 3: Photo
Aug 4: Drawing
Aug 5: Reiterate
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Aug 7: Illustrator
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Aug 9: Poem
The water is smooth It cushions your steel vessel like a toy model
Aug 10: Photo
Aug 11: Drawing
Aug 12: Reiterate
Aug 13: Photo
Aug 14: Illustrator
Aug 15: Logo
Aug 16: Poem
I left home today with the idea that it now, no longer home
Aug 17: Photo
Aug 18: Drawing
Aug 19: Reiterate
Aug 20: Photo
Aug 21: Illustrator
Aug 22: Logo
Aug 23: Poem
They are on all Sides Eyes lost down on the pavement In their own spaces
Aug 24: Photo
Aug 25: Drawing
Aug 26: Reiterate
Aug 27: Photo
Aug 28: Illustrator
Aug 29: Logo
Aug 30: Poem
What am I who waits While angst around me abates A series of stalemates
Aug 31: Photo