April 2016
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April 5: Poem
What was lost in that time, a feeling so sublime that raised me up from before where living wasn't good anymore now here I sit after all of it feeling that everything that I had in contrast makes now feel so bad but if that had never occurred what malicious ideas could have spurred a deadly behavior for me that would have haunted for eternity so now here I sit and smile that the good times lasted for a while knowing that good times exist as long as I persist
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If people don’t say what they mean and they don’t do what they think they do then how can one guess what people will do when they tell them the wrong thing expecting the person to know what they meant when the person expects the truth but then they think what they should do based on what they thought they were told but then do a different thing then what they thought.
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Ocean breathes in and out nervous as the moon expects recourse to its bipolar actions
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Give a frown each day To keep any friends away truthful frown or not
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